Mateo: Justice, and Balance.

Apparently, it’s been bought to my attention that people are redundantly confused as to the usage of the word Mateo in my life. First of all, many people know the “Man of My Dreams” which has now been retired, featured a character named Matthew.

What’s messed up is that the actual person this is fictionalized from lets me know one of his names, at that certain point (the point where he’s going to practically kill someone from the inside out.)

This name is Mateo – however, this being within me, even as a character, is so large that people in my neighborhood even know ME as Mateo. There are a few sub missives in my care who know ME as MsMateo, or even Mateo. The unfortunate part, is that people seem to be “misusing” the name in order to cause great detriment to both him, and myself. There is a reason Mateo was never used in the “Man of my Dreams.” At this point, the HIM in ME even has prostitutes, pimps, crack whores, slaves, crack heads, and comrades in both prison, and on the streets.

This character has created his, and her own universe. Basically it focuses on “filth” (which is still ill defined.) However, as a concept this WILL be eventually defined.

The unfortunate part, is that people clearly often mistake the name Mateo for Mateu or (to use you) imperatively Mateo is an incredible person. His credence is to create the correct justice, and balance. The HIM in ME, and the ME in HIM exist together from the moment he tells me of himself by just using his name.

At this point, he has been mistaken by even his friends. People don’t think for some reason, and probably still aren’t. The reality is, perhaps it is even mistaken TO DIVIDE.

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