Jail / Prison / incarceration – or getting/staying there out of. Inside outside survival guide.

To the Prisoner: 

Here is my contact information, please keep letters appropriate đŸ™‚ some of my best work is done with those on the inside – regardless of whether that is maximum security or at their house (in a very “Bo Lozoff” kind of artist way.) My family, of course, don’t have to spazz out over appropriation. I am a rapper still. 

Send me a picture, maybe together we will write a book. 

Do NOT attempt to play with anyone without due consent. I actually thought this was a given, however, apparently some are actually unable to see why I (or others) would. Do not go to actual jail for thinking you are consensually playing with others who do not consent first. Imprisoning someone against their will, is probably one of the most illegal things a person can do. Once consent is taken it is. Sadly, there are individuals who do not play consensually -I- am not one of them. 

http://www.pxdirect.com – sell the products you are looking for.

If bob barker https://www.bobbarker.com (correctional equipment) makes something you are looking for (Maximum Security deodorant?) write to sales@pxdirect.com then ask them how you can acquire it. 

Commissary List

(You are welcome)

Printing this out for those on the inside is something to ponder.

For those still inside body wise, learn what you love, and hate. Then learn how to put yourself on, and in “timeout” outside the actual building.

What is it you yourself were looking for before you went in? Then analyze what you don’t need anymore from being actually inside the walls. Generally, one first needs to realise what they need not from inside, but still need to use to “control” their own minds outside.

Leave what you don’t need there, but understand what you need is not to bring the memories unless they help you stay out.

Two of the things that actually help me stay out are knowing the inside, without imagination involved, charges are. Then two, literally, what if I was stranded in there, and no one was thinking twice? I have been there, and illegally imprisoned otherwise. Therefore the fetish exists differently for me. In this case it is for a fetish base though, so the touch, taste, and smell of my environment alter the state I want my mind. For others it may be different.

However knowing this helps me remember building consistent backup plans do help. It helps us all.

“Let us play:”

First of all, know your favorite type of incarceration, and imagine there was the possibility without being in any trouble physically or mentally.

Mine happens to be jail, scarily some of the hardest time possible – even due to the complication of never knowing when one is actually getting out. Or what the charges will be.

To be honest, clothing is first, who feels at the actual house – and incarcerated, without clothing.

The first option is scrubs – they are an easy actual option – Make sure you pick either a. – the color you love, or b. The color you wish you had – These are cheep, and can also be picked up at goodwill, or as new for 10$ or so.

However, there are other options such as Px Direct – the guy there is great, and they do sell many things –

https://www.pxdirect.com – even cells for people wanting to spend a little more, but know this can be done for less – or more than one thinks. I got my own uniform from them, and it’s completely legitimate.

The next step is imagination based, but that’s the thing. Sadly, many people are actually incarcerated in their heads so it’s a matter of bringing that part of us out – or even that is in particular in order to jail/prison them at the house. Strangely, one may find this a little strange, but a lot of people fetishist’s, and ex-prisoners alike may actually disagree –

If one has a partner who lives with them then they can actually be the court, police, judge, cook, or fellow inmate. It’s like taking kinky in the bed further, but make sure you get some damned good handcuffs, and then come to written terms at least once about how the game is played. Some females, but males also just are fulfilled in a lot of ways by what I call “Criminal Play” – just ask – sometimes it’s even a matter of wrestling oneself out of the actual feelings enough to chill in your uniform on the bed then feel safe. Remember safe words, and consent are real.

Other ways to feel this particular type of even mental bondage is to get the perfect plastic cover for the bed, and pillow. Purchase an air mattress, and the perfect blanket from Walmart or something with the institutional feel.

Know, however this is institutional play, I don’t do medical play. Just as so, though, keep appointments by changing clothes, or not. If you decide to remain in jail then stay at home the rest of the time – lock the door, turn on your radio, and draw, write or whatever. Literally, when I leave, and go outside people just say to me – oh Sis (or other greeting) you must be in jail this week or whatever.

Also remember mail is mail if one wants to take a class few are offered inside at all, however MIT offer plenty, notes, and books can be sent inside. Make sure the books are new, and follow mailing rules if this is to a friend inside. If inside, on the outside for the day, weekend, or however long remember schooling is a good deal – and good to help utilize time.

Below is a commissary list, always make sure you know what you want. Print it out, and fill it out then buy commissary at the grocery for yourself. Also what you would like from the actual kitchen in lockup – make sure you, or your partner cook the best SOS like I do, and I love to make sure I have white bread with apple Jelly.

Scarily, in actual lockup we find out what comforts us the most simply. Remember these things. Interestingly, I actually include a commissary list in my wishlist – sometimes knowing is half the battle. 20-25$ is usually a good amount to spend even at the dollar tree, or family dollar for a package. Luckily, one has more choices on the outside, but scarily I have a liking to Keefe Commissary, and can’t get it publically – if you can let me know where.
Here is a commissary list:

https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/dub/DUB_CommList.pdf – Commissary List

Visitation is a good one, in some prisons they do have the gadgets for people to have picture in picture visitation. Scheduling a Skype/FaceTime/hangout conversation is perfect for this. However, ones friends get majorly rescourseful when playing – you would be surprised how they play with you.

Telephone calls can be as limited, or not, nothing is to say don’t have a good time with it at all. I recommend for the look at feel use a home phone – however it is still preference based. Here is a great clip of an institutional collect call, save it on your mates phone. Utilize it how you want to –

I literally feel as though I have a team of inmates (or permanently ex thereof) in the pinellas area inside, and out who make sure the phone, and computer system even astrally works like a charm. One of the most fearful things is lack of communication which is a right believe it or not. Know that.

Write some letters, take a class, read, etc. There are many games one can play, and interestingly when you’re done you are, and can release yourself. The imagination is 50%, but literally for some people putting themselves in a 4am – 10:30am – 3-4pm eating schedule does jog the brain.

If triggering, and panic happens then we can all understand quickly through deep breathing – and other coping skills – we are literally at our homes. The biggest knowledge is no charges to fight which is incredible.

When in jail remember many jails know that the publisher can send even through Amazon, but don’t forget good book is good. Even a sketch book. Make sure you have one or at least some paper this should be on the commissary list, but yeah from Amazon a sketch book can be sent to any prisoner.

Have what you usually use at hand, but also remember you have it for a purpose – an example of this would be a notebook or paper.

Write some letters, a book, or draw draw draw, but remember accessibility is actually limited for prisoners. Some people who are really into the fetish want to be stripped down completely, even if it’s just to begin to zero luxury, and nothing else personally I prefer a bit more fun. Even if massive bondage is part of it.

Either go to the store, or even call the local store the canteen. Remember that though, get what you need, and make sure you eat. One of the reasons I strip myself down is to make sure I eat, there are a million reasons to strip oneself down to basics, which is basically what it is.

Know your talents. Literally, while you are down to basics if you want to do more than sleep make sure you make the money inside the house you can inside the big house (as they say these words are used for a reason.)

Set the time aside for YOU a week, or even two, but “remember where you are in your mind.” Clear the calendar etc, if you really need r, and r – even at the local nut ward no one gets this much personal time.

Even though some people prefer more of a medical environment I’m kind of a rough kid around the edges at least. Remember that. Turn the phone off or at least turn it to vibrate to block out distractions from ones personal time.

Make sure you get your meditation, and mind play in, but this point you have proably realised what could have been the most expensive, or expensive, or expensive weekend you already have what you need for.



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