Never edit another individuals content without permission. Especially on the internet.

I think someone is trying to separate me from my artwork. Fix the problem!

Rated MA: (that would be all of me!) Trigger warning (if necessary.) Most of my content includes sensitive material. Don’t be afraid!

This is art – please stop assuming that this is how I like it!, and you should be in it. That I don’t consent to – I love my regular life – you are never going to be in it if you don’t get it.


if this doesn’t apply to you it does not:

No means no!

I’ve been 43 all year —

My innocent mistakes are often genius masterpiece!!

Please let me know if you need me – I did move downtown, and am open to performing! ❤️

I have actual tools if you are looking for them. Along with the tools, I have art, and other like stuff. Don’t hesitate to ask!!

pardon my dust – this page is being rebuilt

Apothecary – mine – https://pin.it/2QkngZ9

All of MY music, poetry, art was created for me, by me.

No, you may not decide to re-write/re-create/re-make any of my material. Most artists know what is allowed/feasible here.

if it had my name on it – it needs to have my name on it – if it has my voice on it – or my pen on it – they (you) need to say it!

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