Rated MA: (that would be all of me!) Trigger warning (if necessary.) Most of my content includes sensitive material. Don’t be afraid!


if this doesn’t apply to you it does not:

PSA -no one should be “fixing things,” and touching my content/page/life like that. NO! Still means NO! If it was your business it would be.
anyway ..

I’ve been 42 all year, and have yet to celebrate. I think I need to call Dionysus hopefully to the rescue! it’s about getting the party right, getting the party quickly!.. maybe she will show up. I need her to open the floodgates to the internet version of (my) followers/confidants/friends etc.

people who just like me! – side note –

My innocent mistakes are often genius masterpiece!

pardon my dust – this page is being rebuilt

If you want/need art let me know. I’m easy to work with.

All of MY music, poetry, art was created for me, by me.

No, you may not decide to re-write/re-create/re-make any of my material. Most artists know what is allowed/feasible here.

if it had my name on it – it needs to have my name on it – if it has my voice on it – or my pen on it – they need to stay on it!

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