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The Abandoned Mini-Documentary
This Will Most Certainly Blow Up Your Mind!

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“My innocent mistakes are actually genius masterpiece.” – LeeLee 

“When I make visual art I make it with Passion not with Perfection.” (Don’t get me wrong, technique is something I completely admire.) – LeeLee

“In Jail, however, I was doing MASSIVE murals with nothing other than a number-two pencil.” – LeeLee

I am an Eckerd College Alumni, and an M.I.T Alumni Associate.

Everything you see on this page was originated, and created by me (I am  also the “web mistress.”) This is my acting visual portolio. It is my artistic journal, an EPK, and everything else. Kind of a creative computational “catch all.”

Please use the contact form (or other contact options) if you’d like to contact me at any time regarding:

  • A Commission
  • Piece of art you’d like to purchase (or perhaps a signed print.)
  • An article/book/piece of writing
  • A freelance, or book idea
  • Information (or education) on any of my specialties
  • Anything computer related
  • A print interview (regarding any of my work, or future work.)
  • “Thinking” or “conceptual conversation.”
  • Televised, Internet viewed, or radio interview (or work.)
  • Or something similar.

I do have permanent disabilities. Therefore, I prefer to work on a volunteer, or case-by-case basis. This is truth, and absolute reality.

If you would like to send anything snail mail there is a snail mail address also. Thank you for ALL of your support!

Click the PHONE (411) – For the New Art/Work/Writing and NEWS!

New Work, New Art, New News!
New Work, New Art, New News!

The “Need to Know” of LeeLee


Fallen Angel Diaries – Podcast!

I do a large amount of work on a volunteer basis, if you would like to donate to the cause that is *I* go ahead please do – the reality is I manage all of the actual upkeep of even the NOP website, however deluxe with no adds is all I can think about – donate to me if you would like to, but know I will be reporting donations to NOP as they come – make sure you say whether it is for NOP or for me personally (or for another cause.) Some people who I know are super interested in me need a cause interestingly. Batter up! – thank you. Also TIME is welcome if you want invest some time instead know I can find something for you to do – literally NOP is great volunteer work🙂

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Creative Commons License This work by LeeLee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

2 thoughts on “About “The Artist.”

  1. Hi FallenAngel. I like art that a simple poet like me understands. But equally its great to see the artist enjoy and show their creativity and freedom of expression. Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Great to meet you. I love everything paranormal writing what I see feel and hear. And observing the chaos of humanity! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

    1. Thank you also🙂 I love anyone who just loved the freedom of Language – even as a social engineer language is an amazing gift – KaoS itself is exactly what one needs to understand to make all of the balls of life bounce in the straight line even sideways🙂

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