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Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you guys for making one of my jobs in life worth while! Love you! – LeeLee (Lee)


UNSANE | Official Trailer | In theaters March 23 via @YouTube – the surprises.


No you’re not alone at all I know how you feel. Sometimes no matter what we try to do things don’t go the way planned. I have these issues medically a lot. For some reason no matter how much I try to take care of beforehand I am always not able to prepare enough. There is some kind of let down or major drawback. Whether it’s co-pays or just one doctor not talking to another. It’s never fair when a doctor doesn’t take care of something the way it should have been. This is just medically life always throws unplanned challenges our way anyway it doesn’t seem to matter what I do there is always something. At least I am one to check to make sure smooth running is just that. The stress brings me down, but it’s usually something I just have to wait to see, wait to co-respond with the end result. 
I also wish I felt more alone, but can not comprehend what even the internet has done to complicate simple conversation between two normal people. I never can understand fully why I am so so alone there really hasn’t been a time in my life where the phone didn’t ring a bunch for example. Sad times tbh, really sad.

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