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According to the DCF website there is NO D-SNAP in Florida. It’s not good! Be safe out there guys!


****IF YOU ARE STILL SEEING ADDS AT THIS POINT CREATE A WORDPRESS LOGIN!! Even if you become athrubq it’s just … More

Paganism – easy tips!

Truthfully, and I’d like to get more into this later TBH! Summoning has its strong points. However, misuse of the … More

Cocaine Medical Uses!?

I’ve been watching you –

icanseeyoubitch “ “youregonnastealitinfrontofher” NO i do not consent! why is this complicated?! you fool! oh no, that’s hilarious, it’s been … More

The Dispensary

Just a quick note – if you are in need of a decent medical marijuana dispensary. Check this one out, … More

Last Night!? Last night…

They were letting off something like fake bombs – grenade flash bombs which basically create smoke, and a flash, and … More

The flue stitches.

To be as honest as possible NO. I would never do that. That’s the end of the story. The stitches … More

Hahahahaha – look at that – its even LeeLee. I have never seen myself pop out of myself. Thats what … More