New year I decided that this year I want to get laid.

Who in the F blocks people from their actual friends so the friends don’t know you care either

They are so busy sitting there puzzled about where you have gone.

I want my man. This always happens. Damn.

You gave me all of it.


If this is one of those “Amanda thinks I’m crazy and Jenn agrees” situations there is going to be a problem.

Nah! This is happening with other famous people.

If you don’t know the whole story you need to stop making shit up.

Damn. Paddling pool!

Drowning kids. Purple and everything! Safe word.


Dear !$(!&

No one cares.

If you don’t like your LeeLee please take it to the local library.

“The bitch can’t stop giving me paintings” is not okay.

10 spades – queen of hearts – jack of spades – 6 of diamonds

The only other place I can tell you to take it is to the Italian Mafia. Then the Italians will have paintings to work with once again. Thank you

You can just give the paintings to those guys. They will take it.


LeeLee –

(Why are you pissing people off on this level. Like Killer B doesn’t exist.)

(!&$?,:& !! They ARE worth money.)

(if you sell it I at least want to understand the story. Conditions are usually acceptable with art sales. If it was/is originally STOLEN it is.)


Cold hard cash!


Someone is trying to ruin this album.

Error isn’t someone you can fuck with like that.

Please note the album was pristine, and now has problems that are extremely hard to fix. It will probably be re recorded. Please understand that the individual who did this is not Hiphop.

Error is a copyrighted individual, and is one of a number of artists I have created.

This should never happen.