Inside …

The sister show to Abandoned –

As above, the show stretches the length of St. Petersburg Florida. It puts art in local business venues which are near to my heart for different reasons. From stencil, to even mixed media graffiti, each piece was donated. Each tells a different story to the within permanent collection.

The shelf life of graffiti itself is not long as most of us prefer giant walls to canvas alone – this show itself clearly should last a little longer.

#1 – Artissin

328 9th St. N –

Black, and white – spray paint – stencil.


#2 – Community Cafe

2444 Central Avenue –

Colorful (even) stencil multiple layers thereof – spray paint.


#3 – Pipe DreamZ

4215 4th St. N –

Abstract including small stencil work, and paint pen. Spray paint.


#4 – St. Pete Community Accupuncture

1624 Central Avenue –

Brush, rapid movements, with the thereputic environment in mind. Acrylic. Bottle brush graffiti.


#5 – The Studio @ 620

620 1st Avenue S.

Mixed media, photograph, paint other goodies (including 25 cents itself.) Spray paint.


25 cents –
: To be honest
the tone of
an actual whistle
was enough to get
a call for help even.

The actual phone will appear when – as usual.

Go check out the last piece at 620 – ask for it, and they did receive it šŸ™‚

Fin šŸ™‚