Immortal Bricks

Underneath the bridge Old bricks still hold the street Together, as they did Inside a younger city. They’re unaffected by wind Weather fronts, the rolling Of heavy tires, the burn Of the city’s pangs We had walked On them as others had… where Train tracks sliced through These oldest parts of the city…there We gazed […]

Food Review : Blue Tomato Cafe, Rajouri Garden

“Blue Tomato” : The name created quite a buzz leading to some interesting imagery with the humble tomato fruit and invoked my perpetual excitement to try a new grub-spot in town!  I was invited for a Bloggers’ Meet hosted by DFIM and as had expected, it  turned out to be very enjoyable and gastronomically satiating. […]

Hello lovelies 🙂

Having a pretty lazy day today for a change. Had a few appointments this morning, and that is all taken care of so I am just chilling out 🙂 Lately I have gotten really into google plus! I really do like it, and there are some nice communities for artists! Let me know if you want to hook up with me on there. I will probably put a button on this site at some point tbh. I am really enjoying it!

Also solved all of my issues with facebook! I now have a fan page which is very awesome! Feel free to “like” me there if you would like! The facebook link on this page leads directly to it! Yay!

Hopefully there will be poetry LeeLee on the 8th of August! There is another show at the fork and cork in St. Pete! Just got to get a ride from somewhere 😦

In other news I am really in need of some art supplies. I think I will have to take a ride to office depot, and get paint pens etc. I also want to get some of those little eyes so I can go eyebombing!

It seems as though so much has happened so fast, but as I say “I am so late I am ahead of myself.” Hopefully at some point the rest of the universe will catch up with me 😉

I do, however, have plenty of patience!

Much love,