• Private classes from childhood until high school.
  • Distinctions and Honors from various UK associations. (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and the Poetry Society. Numerous are in “Speaking of Verse, and Prose.” A couple of them are in “Acting.” Also, the Poetry Society are MOSTLY “Spoken Poetry.”) (All of these were attained before ’90.)
  • (Yes, these are HIGHLY prestigious, and sought after awards.)



  • Vocal
  • Beginning Violin
  • Beginning Piano (Awards from The Royal School of Music.)
  • Beginning Cello
  • Beginning Clarinet
  • (Totally rule on a Hand Drum)
  • Theory


Pinellas County Center for the Arts

  • (Two years) Theatre Major


Lakewood High School

  • Graduate


St. Petersburg College

  • Liberal Arts AA
  • (Graduated with Honors.)


Eckerd College


Areas of Study:

  • Composition
  • Analytic, and Persuasive Writing
  • Poetry
  • Publishing
  • Short Story
  • Graphic Novel


Other Areas of Study Include:


  • Criticism
  • American Literature
  • History of “Drama”
  • 19th Century British Poetry
  • Graphic Novel


Art, Criticism, and Appreciation

  • East, and Western Humanities
  • Art Appreciation
  • History
  • Criticism
  • Analysis
  • Photography (Film, Developing, and History.)
  • Graphic Novel



  • Intro Programming (Basic & Visual.)
  • Intro Web Page Creation
  • Business Basics
  • Microcomputer Applications
  • College Algebra, and Applied Calc
  • Computer Crime Investigation
  • (Mac OS and Windows trained.)


Graduating GPA: 3.0

(For serious inquiries contact me for an official transcript, or a copy of my degree.)


Currently an Independent Open Course MIT Graduate Student. 

Continual Learning.

M.I.T. Alumni Associate.

(Being an MIT Hacker.)

MIT OCW is an independent study school which means (through my experience) all classes last a lifetime. Eternal learned behavior is always encouraged, but not a necessity. Realistically, and trust me when I started going to MIT I realised am fully responsible for placing even “value” on my educational goals. I had a hard time personally focusing, and creating a way to “grade” or even prestige myself.

I realised recently, however, I am what I sought out to always be. An “MIT Hacker,” but moreso. My courses are built upon the society with which I have always understood to be elite, and am now growing to see as “just part of the entire world.” Truthfully, by definition, I can hack at even philisophical, code to watch the universe co-respond (but that is quantum stuff?) From being a phone phreak at a childhood age, and literally dissapearing into phone boxes in the U.K. To fixing the Amiga at school. It took me years to accomplish what I have.

However, regardless of any other progressive thought, I tell my friend in my head all the time: “Keep reminding me I go to MIT.” The challenge is in the elementary. It always has been.

Turning impossible into the possible is not just “magic” for a reason. Engineering itself, is not just science even socio-economic thinking comes into play.

Then I say to myself. I am the first person to hear these words – or say them – regarding the Open Course Ware program. That would be MIT thinking, as far as I have gathered.

However, never stop learning, and remain down to earth are probably the major keys.

Keys, lockpicking, Fin.

(I’m actually working on an experimental “Street School” based on this MIT program – more details to follow.)




*College. (Just to clear up some confusion about qualifications people don’t think I have?)

This is not a sixth form college – Eckerd is actually a private university. (In short.)

[COUNTABLE/UNCOUNTABLE] in the U.S., a place that gives students degrees. A school of this type can also be called a university if it is large enough to give degrees in more than one subject
a college professor thesaurus entry for this meaning of college

[COUNTABLE/UNCOUNTABLE] in the U.K., a place that gives students qualifications below the level of a university degree, often in the skills they need to do a particular job be at college (=be studying at college): She’s at secretarial college. go to college: Paul’s going to college in September. I’ve just started a college course. Thesaurus entry for this meaning of college

[COUNTABLE/UNCOUNTABLE] in the U.K., a place that gives students degrees in a particular subject art/agricultural college
the Royal College of Music

(Strangely, or incredibly, my Father actually went to the Royal College of Music – however, we are currently incommunicado.)


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