Coolio, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ Rapper, Dead at 59 – Rolling Stone

Coolio, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ Rapper, Dead at 59 – Rolling Stone
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Are we for real!? The queen was enough. When I said someone really important was going to die according to my psychic senses I knew it was the queen. But now…

Drowning. Safe word. Purple. #MA

This time the sexual stuff was just as telling.

This is for mature audiences. Please understand this is not a story. This is sadly real life.

Nope. When I am not okay —

— I don’t get what I need to know do to explain it.

My play is too hardcore.

When I play is ACTUALLY dangerous. That’s why very few people get to participate in some of the heavier stuff. Responsibility is key.

Get off of me!

My insurance is not even here to pay for your problems. This is malpractice even. Seriously!? Stop interfering with the law also.

No means no.


I’m NOT someone who is into insane play.. especially when it could possibly include surgeries!?

What kind of sick bitch is you.

Someone is as usual too close to me while playing insanely — And this person likes hospital play.

Nope I’m not into blurring the line between real life, and some other world where reality impossible to conpute.

This is not a compliment, nor am I interested.

I’m a safe, sane, and consensual player.

This person is getting closer to play that includes death possibly. Please understand that. No one is listening.

I’m not okay with it. Drowning, purple, safe-word.

I do not consent to this.