Paganism – easy tips!

Truthfully, and I’d like to get more into this later TBH!

Summoning has its strong points. However, misuse of the magical tool is where things go awry. Typically, and trust me trial, and error has taught me to summon people to the front door. Not to summon them into the house. My house is sanctimonious, but the front door has a bell or a knocker. So summon them to the park, or the coffee shop, but I would keep the inside of the house all yours (and your direct families) who never need to knock.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t do things like “binding” like it’s your life line also. Some people can only bind, and bind they will sadly. Umm it’s inappropriately used also. For example astray is astray. There are now hundreds if not thousands of “binding spells.” As old fashioned as the KKK, and their “magic.” Churches bind people in the name of… ..and no one wants to be that guy if they are pagan.

Remember, you seal a spell, and sometimes with one word.

Lastly, don’t banish anyone unless they pass through the hall of judges. Let the universe know you’d like “it” away from you (whatever it is) and that you would suggest banishment. If that’s just a “scratch” on your face then why are they trying to “stick around?” : Is more the level of individuals one would expect to be banished (at any rate.)

Lastly, don’t bind, summon, and banish someone all at the same time. To some people women, children, etc may be a non-reality . However, the moralistic individual will see THAT could be psychologically damaging. Especially for oneself.

Question me!? For some people this may work, but not everyone. So be careful with trial, and error. At one point, I was screaming to the universe to stop the wishes I had made. Everything just felt like it was toppling. That was then though… …not now.

– Lee/LeeLee/Lee Lee

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