Last Night!? Last night…

They were letting off something like fake bombs – grenade flash bombs which basically create smoke, and a flash, and sound like bombs. They had a megaphone ordering people out from what I could see. The cars looked haunted in a way that most hauntings do not. Kind of like an impending doom kind of haunting where the wrong people are dead. A lot of the buildings are emptying out, and most people are awaiting further orders if there are some. No one is telling anyone anything. But swat vans, tanks, other military vehicles, including the police, and feds (from what I can tell) took over the entire area. I’m not sure if any of it was on the news. I tried to even get a photograph, and got nothing so far. If was too hard to get an actual photograph of the damage. At one point people died. At another some dude died for trying to rob the family dollar. Next that dude was arrested, and it was an armed robbery. And also it was, get this, a dragnet rehearsal. Needless to say I’m the only one in the building who is worried. All the other people are paranoid, and just hearing voices. Then are not being given the information at all. At all. Then I’m sitting here like there is a space in my head of stuff I “just don’t get, there is something I’m not getting.” Is how I feel. No one is letting on at all. Ummm … that’s the story so far. The case managers are not letting us know what is going on at all. Not even being advised either way. I guess that’s that.

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