Endings, understand, beginning.

A dream is just that – figments of ones imagination.
Fear is very real – I literally have to understand what faux litigation against myself, and the bed is. Reality is gigantic, and I feel like you closed the door on me. Quiet is just that, life goes on, but I respect that.
After how horrific my head was please understand it may take me a while to de-experience, and phase out what I need to. However, this became ludicrous in the beginning – I was always famous for being just Jilt – sadly I may have conceptions of/on how you feel which make sense only to me now?

None of that makes sense, however, rhyme, and reason give me such to carry on. Go from there, and know next time honesty is the best policy – politely, though why would I tell a voice/individual/person in my head who tells me they hate you about the actual goods. They say you are a cushy deal, and they can’t get rid of you fast enough (at the same time.)

Jilt was never not famous – realistically screaming can be, but she was nuts – and not my problem – I have as much love as you can muster from back when for you though, you must understand that. I will probably get quiet now, and be kind of wise/solitude for right now – like you need me? How did you not? One day Rose – I still almost guarantee this will make sense to you.
With Respect,

LeeLee –

and Co –


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