Party on NOP – the worst is over!

Dear Nation of Poetry –

Stop pretending the worst isn’t over, and the party hasn’t begun – you guys know better – never seen so much party action going on astral wise – just watch out for the Xtreme junkies who are lost in the astral plane somewhere, but that is what is going on straight up – as we say in hip hop – “get your mind right” (DMX) and then move forward –

I recommend buying a sandwich if you are a man, and making sandwiches super real to a man you love if not – think even subway has them on sale – if you have a personal party going on know that, and never don’t enjoy it.
It took diligence out the ass, but believe it or not nation of poetry has been going longer than the 2005-2008 stretch it had before – three years? Sheesh – as we know the party is just beginning, and everyone is getting used to it actually being a reality for us all –

Enjoy life as it comes artists, and if all else fails remember you are an artist!

Nation of Poetry 11-12 years in the making ! Promise you – !


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