In other News :) my “internet machine.”

Just a brief note 🙂 luckily I seem to have managed to get myself in a pretty good order – 🙂 there are only a few things left to do 🙂 

Personally, I love the cue method (unless it is urgent) so yeah, unless I am suddenly personal – I am always personal 🙂 

Finally, I am getting ready to talk about my internet machine like its a reality 🙂 it is so close to being finished – just the touches, and it will be well oiled 🙂 phew – three to four years worth of work, and I can start to follow me – not vice versa – for a while, I was skipping time hoops to make things work. 
I know, for a while, it did seem like my work was further than anyone could catch up – don’t worry it will work out – time to chill, and take things in. Don’t worry, I do paint, but I even write, design, and model (and when I design I even build pages, Uncle Jay 🙂 

It’s still a lot of work, but a human computer can accomplish a lot – soon it will be visually meeting me internet wide without thinking 🙂 

Don’t forget, personal touches are real, get in touch if you need/desire to. No stalkers pls! 

All of it is legal – as in a dream with Mitnick last night, first amendment rights are real for a reason! The most-mine favorite amendment know it – free speech is real! 


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