If I was a Nark she would have been Arrested.

This is the ACTUAL truth – sadly this should not need to be said – fiction is a reality, but being fucked up physically is too – one of the problems I have is –

No one telling the truth knows this could be my life – this “stuff” doesn’t, never did, happen to – ME. It can happen to everyone, but the trend has not been mine, before you quip go check even.

I’m not sure if I can quote from dreams – this is the problem –

I have friends who have never had to fight/even go to bat for me suffice of little favors.

Sadly, lately there have been attacks on not just mine, but other people’s heads literally – “I was in a dream with LeeLee, and haven’t been able to get this other individual out of my head since.”

Rationality says that’s not legitimate on her part – literally why is she camping out in other people’s “heads” – when was “this person is or is not (even) in my head legitately a question? Forever, in actual conversation – I know it’s not my fault, but I end up to blame frequently?

This has to stop – if anyone knows anyone who can – then have it taken care of –

I think the individual is literally hard to find physically – and I quote “she is so federal I don’t want it near me.”

Reality is, easily proven – lie detector tests exist – “do you have any feelings with regard to – or do you know anything about?” still relate to actual crimes –

I think her name is Dala (Dayna, Dahla?) Pino – personally I know this is probably “showtime” – however, regardless of what her job is now, she had no paperwork on me this time in 2013. –  I wrote a letter of definite non consent to someone we have in common – nothing about her is consensually near my brain, let alone body.

The consent letter was not sent to her it was sent to a possible associate of hers, but it is definite that she has the information – sadly I have neurologically based illness’, and she has a neuroscience background –

I have come out of this with a long history of Myastnyenia Gravis, but since have Prolongued QT, seizures (grand) …

… and yes I have acute sholiosis, and diabetes – this is the grimace, however, my tell tale scar down the front of my chest from my thymectomy is real – (and I got it at 17) she should see scars like that, and know better. She should exit the lives of individuals with that scar immediately – as far as I know the scar didn’t compute – ?

My fear is that she targets others like me – older individuals/disabled individuals  – scarily the mass swelling (edema?) I have seen before death – my Aunt Rosina’s.

The “woman” she besieges herself to be, would sadly have offered herself up for actual questioning without “holding it against” anyone by now. The way to do it would be to go to the police, and make a comment on the questioning (without turning people suddenly over who are hackers-technophiles-etc) – life is not a stage – it’s a sculpture.

It probably has been reported, to local and county enforcement. Apparently, it takes time to go state to state –

Also, don’t forget Plato (my Siamese) disappeared, and came back a week and a half later – and sadly, I can’t find my IUD string.

At this point the voice in my head could be PTSD – but that’s bad news also.

I know I am rationalizing through – that’s bad to begin with.

If anyone knows about predators one knows that sadly they have a habit of at least evoking the instinct of the “victim” so the victim instinctually “feels them in the house” has “nightmares about them,” and usually the predatory individual creates large amounts of fear, disruption, and panic – they could be days away, and the victim knows.

Friends in common have, just as a normal preditor would, become tools – and on various sides she has created a situation where I can not go to my “actual job.”

Been there once, and trust me no, until three years ago he has never been near me physically, the reality though is she is probably smart enough to make it “him” this is really bad news though – nothing good.


Unfortunately, none of this behavior “warrants” respect none of this wouldn’t earn. That’s the thing, wife beater, and the more the less. Some will never even come close to the type of respect they assume.

Being arrested on suspicion happens – been there won the t-shirt – it’s not Yale (it’s Jail) literally graduating from maximum security is real – so is Eckerd, so is SPC, so is working WITH MIT – nuts.

Under a lamp, so she chooses, she would be able to explain how the edema kills I am sure –

I do not know her – literally when she entered my mind I really thought I was going to be dealing with a bar fight on the male associate’s behalf to be honest.

In real life – perfectly – sadly this associate has known even mentally she needed to get out of my head on paper forever ago. “And I actually have to write this down.”

Physically, even mentally, nothing serious on her end from me, but on this end its neuro-mantis.

No way, actually getting arrested for scratching someone is REAL – and yeah looking up MY cases (the outcome) is all that’s necessary to see the state painted a darker picture of me, and I decided to take it, after what I went through inside jail alone.

What scares me is the lack of knowledge of predictory instinct, knowledge on my friends behalf literally, the preditor would engage large periods of time figuring out the “victims” brain – when, where, what, all day long – even when never meeting the vitctim – look it up –

I’m supposed to “blame” the husband another. Another ball of wax. I can trash a house, yo, we all can. However, I can tell in her head she has a few she shouldn’t talk around me – these, especially two, should not be around me.

Never had the rapist upstairs have no clue, and every clue like this – literally for a year he stood outside my door “talking to the neighbors.” Of course, he would be “down.”

Realistically though, this individual enlists minds. If she has paperwork, licensing to off, me I need to know. In 3 years no one has even tried to tell me that though.

None of this is okay –

And yeah I happen to be a quality upstanding citizen –

In remote:

“This is what I am seeing Lee, I am seeing behavior that is so violent alone that it should produce parinoia on your behalf. Not vice versa.”

I just hit my head, and strangely I could see literal hands explain to ME it was fix the computer time – sadly – i can see what these things are, and are not. 1:04pm Sunday. Go to jail Pino.

In 2008, I apparently in no way walked away from them while in isolation, why do they not walk away from a body doing well. This is morbid, and apparent,y the term is “momentos.” Get help.

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