Today’s Notes. 

Again, no matter what our parents say, I/we have very powerful friends. Everything from Political Activists, Legal Figures, Governmental Figures, etc. EVEN or ALWAYS artists at those “jobs” with inclusive creativity. Don’t run around a used gun, at 2 in the afternoon, setting off a rapid chain of rat rat rat tat in other peoples heads before you (and I mean everyone) – (all of my friends are at least activists) – realize it is dangerous. If you are doing so, throw yourself in a body of water immediately. Responsibility, and safety first. Proud of everyone. Also, remember, you never know who you are talking to. 

As usual this is as usual humorous, check out every brownie, and guide badge in the world – – there are maybe five I don’t have. Remember, the guides are at least military based. If not more than.

Cali, but I got it in the U.K.


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