When I can not help – and I mean this. 

At this point, you “people” should have your focus firmly attached to something completely different than what I am actually doing which is listening to a massive fight/argument in the hall which I will now regulate on a walker. 

Anyway, personally I know I put more effort into art, and the life revolving thereof to deal with skepticism, and threat even. Stop. Get your head literally out of mine, and understand where I may be on my lifes path. This is rediculous we all have important things to do, which do not include you necessarily. When they do we will let you know.

Its not that important, to understand my head from the inside, truthfully my health does not deem it. I have never been so pissed at the people I love, but personally I shall tell you. Do you have a family? I do not as usual, but its “as usual,” and “you” dont know that. And I repeat, I need to apparently “get over what happened to me as a kid.” End note. 

No really. Focus on my art the way you have been taught to, man a muse is always so. However I have my work to do, and its you, but not in this way. 

Do you know what a communication device at least is yet? Exist in your brain alone, shit. You never know what familia even means to an OG like me. 


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