Official Statement – This is not fiction.

Trugger, trigger, pick it – this is not good – once again Neuro + even just red flags – I have been telling you guys death is real – not funny felons bottom line – i am tired of feeling like I am hurting people this cant be true – umderstand I am a citizen in both countries, if you know me on the internet you do. This is all te way back at feb 20 – .

Although, this may be my way of saying things which due to medical science can be proven – sadly I feel the need to make a statement.

Understand, first, fiction non-fiction is that there is more than one side to every story (mostly.)


When I left the cardiologist’s office my blood pressure was 100/60 that’s low, but that was after a bash of cardio testing which proved that as of last year right before “Abandoned” my blood pressure was crashing. It hit 70 over who knows what on a tilt table earlier that day. When this happens I collapse.


This is a problem that needs to be solved, and unfortunately there may be no solution.

I have, contrary to popular belief, lived a poverse life up until now no one can take that from me, but I know where I live. I have suffered, but am stronger for the…

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