Red Flags, and Triggers

Trugger, trigger, pick it – this is not good – once again Neuro + even just red flags – I have been telling you guys death is real – not funny felons bottom line – i am tired of feeling like I am hurting people this cant be true – understand I am a citizen in both countries, if you know me on the internet you do.

Bottom line, there are a couple “friends” who have known me forever you guys need a field of red flags to lay in – derogatory terms are that.

Sadly the response will be just as it is. A trigger is a trigger “stalker” “disrespectful” “hoe” even should never be thrown about – (especially to friends.)

If they were, and I fucking sat there like red flags had been shoved down your throat know why. That’s disputable. Male, female, or any sexuality.

Trust me, my triggers, flags, etc. work correctly most of the time.

Truthfully, anyone in a legit mental position is going to act like you flipped triggers out the ass over over over no matter what is said next.

Next time tell me all about myself? Then expect yourself to keep any reputation – also privacy is just that.

Know ON the Internet when someone is talking directly to…

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