Make Your Bed –

The #reality is this at this point I know 99% of the people who have known me for a second like I can call their every move – lie if you want – must be working FOR you. 

Do yourself a favor, and if you have a question about me, my family, the way I do things, or my Domain even. Ask me I have the explanation, and the proof. Even If you need to pick up the fucking internet where *i* dwell. 

Realistically, employing my face onto the face of an old school geek was an impossible feat, but it’s done. I know you know I got onto the Internet first. That’s why you didn’t even know where I was until Facebook, and I have been done with that project.

Pick up the phone. Write a letter, something.

Truthfully way more stuff than I need to ever explain – however I call it like I know it even subconsciously. Thank you for helping my parents program me, but you can all shut up now.

At this point I have zero comment again aside from the fact I know the same is just that – make your bed, lay in it – if most people had a clue they would learn how to file the numbers off of guns, and start blowing their own brains out. Never have I even been wrong – #truth

I need my brain back, get out of it even if you don’t know you are in there – you would be surprised at how strong I am – it will end up being what you get I can pretty much promise – NOT what I get.

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