Myasthenia Gravis – The Explaination: yeah it’s totally necessary. This will explain the “liar” even.

The liar, unfortunately, was never faking it.

This is the scar down my chest, and lately we have seen huge pictures of it 

– look it up –

the stress factor is a large amount of exasperation. 

This is the end of the story for a different reason. 

Don’t push me, and it. This is real, and so am I. This is the definitive I’m taking meds even every three hours – learn it, and don’t ask me again. This hit me at 17. At least official is just that. 

Why let anyone know a “possible weekness” is totally the issue. 

Truthfully, medical (scientific or otherwise) “reasons” for offing anyone are never okay, (unless you work for the government or some shit – apparently) and negligence is just that. 


I had the early surgery at 18 – and was diagnosed by the best neurologist at 17. 

It was the smack, hit, pummel in the face that began the thought changing process PERMINENTLY starting with “first of all don’t want to off myself ever” – ending with “she is honest on a level people don’t get often.”

Know this is real AGAIN, and I’m on Meds every three hours – if this is neurological (dot dot dot) stressing me out inside (mentally, and psychologically) is never going to help.

Once again, learning from my wheelchair bound “brother” Nick living my life to the fullest – and getting a large velocity of art out before I have major issues is legit. However big changes will start taking place. Luckily, I always have what I need.

Bottom line. Leading my life to the fullest is legitimate art, life, and knowledge. 

Call my attorney if you need help seriously.


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    Trugger, trigger, pick it – this is not good – once again Neuro + even just red flags – I have been telling you guys death is real – not funny felons bottom line – i am tired of feeling like I am hurting people this cant be true – umderstand I am a citizen in both countries, if you know me on the internet you do.

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