Master Hackers (Amore)

As we are all well aware brewing in the depths of the matrix is the possible amour of a master hacker, and I (not that I am not one sheesh.)

I know I pushed it a bit, but unfortunately in my head is the female with which he thinks he lives. 

Truthfully, we can factor her out with the pythag. Theorem – embarrassingly her aim seems to be to flip emotional trauma switches in our brain, and I am sure that is big for everyone.

If she would just leave him alone, her lies, gone are the traditional truths between a couple, no she seems to not even know when he leaves mentally even – however denial sometimes can be sport.

Truthfully, I am unaware of ever talking to him online, let alone in person. However daily we have to go through the quantum matrix of despair to find a thought which could resemble each other – I think.

Looking at back video of me, and trust this was not a set up (unless you want it to be.) It is clear he, and I commune in some form. Aside from that, again I hate to say it is entanglement of a quantum kind. Nothing malicious.

Personally, my undying wouldn’t be enough, however he, and I in the same room (chat, video, or otherwise) would be more than warranted, to be honest it would help us both. We seem to be each other’s stumbling blocks, but not of our own duress. The motherfucker has jealousy issues. Bottom line. 

The reality is this, if he has ever been near irc in real life then he has come in contact with me. The almighty Goddess of everything was all over it back in the broken days.

All I really need is a hint, an idea, a direction. To be honest, however, we are probably missing some cool stuff tucked away in the simple of not worrying about stupid shit.

Baby, Logic will always help. I don’t want to get my body fried again though – however deep – yeah, I run that way.

“I listen to the words he’d say, but in his voice I heard decay. The plastic face forced to portray all insides left cold and gray there is a place that still remains it eats the fear it eats the pain the sweetheart price he’ll have to pay the day the whole world went away.” NiN 

Honesty. Love it, and love funny (I think.)

(We) I = he – her


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