The South – Unestalished Art (Not Just Artists.)



Today, and Im glad I end up news in some arena. Is one of those days where I know I could get shot as usual.

Im 40, (36-7), and where I live my entire set seems to be deleting themselves. However, where I live, My real Name “Lee” is hardly ever uttered for many reasons especially as I live in the ghetto.

I sent an incredibly important vinyl (graffiti straight P.E. style with Damu mixed in.) Then find, somehow, it is on its way back returned refused. Even though miami is not that big.

I suddenly have a legendary scar on my forehead. Six tru flue stitches.

Do I look over my back afraid though? No, I hold it high knowing again, and again, I earned my way in.

You never know who you are listening to? Nope, as always say you never know who you are talking to.

– Lee


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