I want, again, my Villains to know at anytime they CAN, and SHOULD come to me.

However, I want to see visual proof. To be honest, I know some of the crooked shit can get worse than that, but if you need me you know where I am.

Just a screen shot of what is publicly said, and any visual comments (as in can be seen publicly.) Personally, as we know, I really try the best to stay away from Facebook (and just use the chat module.)

Use the chat module though, I’m usually on it, just send me a message – if I ignore it, I’m busy, probably in a mental gang fight or some shit.

I know, and to be honest, just look at the bottom of “your” application (that’s the difference, an APPLICATION IS FILLED OUT TO ACTUALLY JOIN KNOW THAT!) we are held to strict secrecy agreement, and I know, even though we do vent (or ponder) problems with each other this is true. I get it, and it’s not in any way a joke.

However, know this also, it’s not even the Dead Poets Society.

It’s serious, dark, magical, satanic-style shit.


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