Power – Respect – Duty – Honor

When an individual is powerful, and they say, “don’t touch my reputation.” They know already you have, and will.

Fight, struggle, pretend you didn’t.

I know some people are probably on their way to facing the reality in which they live. Not for anything I personally did. If I made the call, did I even carry out the duty? Not at all.

Trust me, you will be lucky to find out who really, really started it all.

The inside of my head is silent fingernails – and Im the mafia kind of crazy.

But physically, did I do anything, I probably didn’t even pick up the phone.

No, keep experimenting – someone always pays. Trust me.

Look back, and know you fucked up.. don’t – “did you fuck up with someone you shouldn’t?”

Trust me, I’m not trying to save anyone, and Im thinking what the fuck did I do?

Nothing, the cards still fall in my hand of Aces.

People make the mistake of believing Im just a toy – trust me, you will be looking at yourself when its done.


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