Okay Troops – 2015.

So, if you have known me since like 72, and saw some crazy shit happen to me in the past (2006-2008) know this: umm it seems similar right now (life in general) to how it was for more than a year, Im at home, and I haven’t broken any laws that could really screw me – on any similar level (yet at least, but there are no plans.)

I have information, no I really do, that could be dangerous, or endanger. To be honest, however, I give it out (information should be all first amendment) however I did my dirty work, promise.

Some of the things happening to me right now make perfect sense, on a scary fucking level, like shit, how is this ACTUALLY happening in real life? Trust me, people that know me are astounded. Took a lot of work for me, but to be honest, all of the arts I learn, aquire, and utilize are a part of how I got there.

The truth is this, everyone wrote a poem about someone dying who didn’t, but did, and thought – was it the poem?

Probably not. Intent, however, is just that. Wishing anything into existence is serious. I’m a woman of few, and many words.

This year has been about tying up lose ends. Strangely, these were with people who I don’t even know in the way society does. This is, and has not ended.

Im alive, Im not in jail (or prison) and, to be honest it is difficult for people to even comprehend my initial charges. Remember, it took me around two years to get out of it, and I still lost everything. Its a good story, and hopefully in a while I can tell it.

Without listening to dictation from the crowd (shit I can freestyle for 20+ minutes let it go.) I want to say this, within the next, and last few years I have (and will) be putting things into place for the future, trust me, not just mine. It may seem strange (I mean really hard to understand.) However, I know computers, and communicate in ways others don’t. What I do, and the way I do it is argument-able at least.

Stick to the Lee/LeeLee YOU know (that will be the only one that makes sense to be honest.)

Stranger things have happened, shit, I determined today years ago, and its in existence. No matter how hard it takes to swallow. It should all end up like a well oiled machine.

Never any promises on the new year, or the future in general. One day at a time is good.

Have a good, safe, night.

P.s. You never really know who you’re talking to, trust me, if you haven’t asked what I am physically doing with my life you probably really don’t know. Nothing more to say on that.


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