Ive never been so disgusted, and Ive never been so mind blown

There are so many people who are pretending to live the lie, and some who are lying so much its the truth.

Xtianists can believe “christmas” isn’t about indulgence, and filth. We also know it is, however, the thought is everything. Truthfully, if someone is so grotesque they do not deserve a gift – do they? To be honest, probably, but when they get it who will get hurt?

This year I will make magic happen, and Im just happy to be alive (I really mean that.) We know how to be absolutely “awful” the safe, sane, and consensual way.

We will, but they will pretend to get what they do honestly. The truth in the lie is this, we never are lying to ourselves, even if a wink, and a smile is useful.

Thank you to all that truthfully appreciate me regardless.

I can tell – Xx


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