Reduncancies within my Brain (ongoing list.)


Pedros Wife (the never-ending attention getting story)

Azz (how’s the baby? – still playing russian roulette)

People holding shit against me from like seven years ago and before –

People without mailing addresses who need mail from me –

Individuals who lost me, and are NEVER gonna get me back – (wft?)

Annoying wives in general – trust me Im not a spider – fucking your husband is not on my list unless that is totally publicly known (to you also nosy bitch.)

Bitches man botches –

Ex girlfriends – you guys can all
Check out “Make ups 2 breakups” – shudder

People knowing I could be dead, and shit, and not giving a fuck, but not taking the time to be honest with me about it in real life –

People pretending to like me ? What IS that –

Oh yeah, if I told you to “sit back and think” I probably meant RIGHT now, instead of saying a bunch of really despicable and unattractive shit, and not forever.

People thinking Chucky doesn’t work, first of all, this is ridiculous –

People who don’t know the word hacker ALONE has as many meanings as its true contributors –

People thinking Im not smarter and smarter – knowledge is infinite

If you don’t deserve a mention let me know cuz shit Ive probably forgotten you –

People having ZERO spiritual curtesy – I dont really want to hear ANYTHING from that one book especially – Im not quoting mine to you


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