Important, no, really.

“E. Identifiers: Some alter-personalities will be developed by
identification with other persons, such as playmates or helpful
caretakers. These may be confusing to understand until one
learns the nature of the person identified with and their
relationship to the patient at that earlier date.”

(when I have finished reading I will give the entire thing.)

I am INSULTED by the intellect of my “mates, and friends.” (what’s new, however.)

This didn’t take me long to find, and comes circa 1995 it’s documentation on the internet just as many of “you” could have found. I’m, as usual, sitting here, and TRYING to find answers. When I know, some of you, have delighted in proving me “wrong” with addict such as Plato. The problem is this, I am handing myself this information only now. However, I have BASICALLY SAID THIS VERBATIM for years. Now, as usual, “who is real, and who is not.” Of course, the man of my dreams, was the most prevalent identifier(s)- and I SHOULDNT have to mention it, at all.

Scapegoat LeeLee much?

By the end of next year I will probably have the diagnosis I need, however, the “unknown” I have works just as well. To be honest, most psychiatrists don’t want to diagnose DID for a reason (many.) However, to be honest, I/we are super super high high functioning as you know. We all answer to Lee, or Lee, and we’ve been working WITH this Diagnosis for YEARS. The entire time we’ve been in this association (since ’08.) It’s come to the point where we’re doing incredibly well, however, DID is a lifelong healing it’s a forever thing. At least, we are not in a place where we are sitting in a 24 hour lockdown unit. Usually, people like me, are going through that.

Someone to talk to would be nice, I’d probably pay for someone who will work with me who knows me, but at least I have ISH. It’s always my fault or our fault – shit, we’re just looking for answers like the rest of the world. However, ours are gut wrenching, and sadly huge. Once a scapegoat, potentially forever one, but it’s not like WE want it. On the contrary, the abusers usually want it, shit. An abuser eyes an easy target, and they won’t go for it.

Brilliant, lazy, friends. (If this isn’t about you, you probably know it’s not.)

Back to paint probably, cuz paint rules.

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