Emma, Julie, and Amanda –

Its been a heck of a year,

Not an adjective,
More an adverb,
Catching up.

I love you,
Three best friends,
Tangled in a broken doll world,
Which *I* am forced to see, and not see.

Thank you,
For just being there for LeeLee,
Strange happenings,
Wicked this way comes.

Realistically, things have always been what they seem,
I am always who I am at the front.

Know me,
Nothing, but everything at face value.

My year has been the best, and worse,
However, its my brothers birthday.

For the first time he remembered his sister,
“Thank you Lee” was the text on my phone 🙂

(You know how/where to find you,
But also any of the Lee’s.

Long stories as usual.)

Everything happens for a reason.


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