Jeez –

This is the problem with you lads – you fucking don’t talk to me, and then paint my ideas when I know you know me. It would probably help everyone if you took the time once in a while.

If I was rude enough to do something this direct I would immediately prove it, however, at this point that is all I have. I need to think things through, and so do fucking you.

What I don’t appreciate is knowing people are making money out of what seem to be my direct quotes, or at least frequent, and future themes.

So, bottom line is this lads. The ever revolving local pussy of the graffiti scene is so good that who cares what it does or how long its been around.

I always end up being the bigger man, which is bad, Im most definitely a woman. A real one.

Also, ass, plater, you know who you are.


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