2Pac House – TV – Golden Ticket









Apparently, the mural from Abandoned has been taken down. A door has replaced it with one of those “locks” which say the house is perhaps under ownership of a real estate company. It is sad to see the mural go, but still I see, and even hear Abandoned working.

I’m fucking walking around town with a huge stencil, and a can of Paint in my pocket. I know when its time to leave the site NOW, however, on my way home I hear “picture me rollin in my 500 Benz.” Interestingly, I’ve been saying for a while next car is probably a Benz (no joke.)

I get to the end of the street near a bus stop, bus rolls up on me, and stops. I get on, driver charges me nothing, and I cruise past Mcds to my section 8.

In the house before I know what I just did.

Two things, one the balloon for Barrow Gurney still exists, and as soon as I get red paint I’m working on it. Secondly, who has a golden ticket?

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