Internet Fame.

It’s not that we don’t believe in it, or that it doesn’t exist. To be honest, I have been in, and out of it. Two accounts, same facebook, same audience, different state of being. I have been studying for a while, and there are some things I am finding more than distasteful. Including, but not limited to, the nature of the “geek” itself.

As we all know, I’m an artist, however I have a large command over the logical brain. I’ve been paying attention to, and watching various artists, and their need (lust, or desire) for Fame. Personally, I became Famous a year ago, I knew the minute it happened. Most “people” in my environment knew also.

I grew tired of facebook, in the end I believe it will draw all out wars between the average users. Assumptions, expectations, and downright misunderstandings on such a huge level are already at an unrealistic place the “hands off” nature of the beast will be untameable.

I left, of course, what would a geek like me need such an atrocity for?

However, l stayed on twitter, and a couple of other networking engines to promote my art, and to communicate with other people like me.

The unfortunate situation is this, Kevin Rose, old school ex(as far as I know)hacker has 1.4 million followers on twitter. Interestingly, (contrary to popular belief) he, and I come from the same place. At this point. I believe his age is even dishonest, but we all get the joke – don’t we? Two other people I feel I need mention are Leo Laporte, and Patrick Norton.

The reality is this, I remember watching Leo, and Patrick on Tech TV, this was a station on the initial box. The television (here I think of “the Network”) was built to “entertain” realistically, I vowed never to become an entertainer. I knew, however, fortune may only come to me if I did.

Now, the three of them appear in different ways on what I would like to say is the “new Television.” Sadly, youtube, Rev 3 etc. (not to mention any really significant names.) The Apple TV, and the Roku provide the next elementary television environment. It is, of course, a cheeper option. However, it is still “the box.”

Now, I am not going to sit here, and spit random credentials to entertain you. All I am going to say is, to be honest, by the time the Screen Savers came out I had around ten years of romance with the modem.

Explain me then, why these three individuals alone, are huge, and too large to know I am alive.

This is the thing, their media outlets don’t suck, however I am sitting here with speaking, acting, and massive amounts of “geeking” experience. I have probably been muted as just “some bitch” forever ago. Fame changes everyone, unfortunately, even the intellectual. I feel, as though I should know them, as I worked my ass off to get where I am. All I hear is virtual white noise.

If these three geeks sit, with my friends, all my geeks, and remain at the “top” of the internet. Then what does this say of the everyday user. Personally, I know, they are watched way more than I am by my own friends.

My OWN geeks –

This is the reality, what makes the internet a place to harbor personality, become cold, and live a life of obscure fame? I believe it is no better than diving into a cell phone, and forgetting life exists all together. The difference between myself, and the ordinary end user is that I bloody well earned the right to speak with the people mentioned above.

Now we have two trees of fame the “internet famous,” and the “celebrity,” or do we? It seems eventually the internet famous will take over, and the first television will be something only the underprivileged will watch. Complete with Fox, and other despicable offerings.

Don’t get me wrong, the “second television” has more to offer. However, now the average geek can’t get near the individuals they should be able to by this point. Eventually, I know, I will get to know the visual artists placed next to me (most of them I know already.)

Interestingly, I get so often “oh, I didn’t realize you actually KNEW the artists in your art collection.” There is only one artist whose art I own who I dont know. The rest of them I have known, and continue to know, even though we don’t need to talk.

I painted phones, Jail Phones, all over my town in Abandoned. This is one of the biggest shows of street art to date (16 complete pieces.) However, I’m still not phone phreak enough apparently. Apparently, it will take way way more than that, and to be honest I won’t.



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