My Super Villans

First of all, I left facebook for two reasons – number one it was so much more stupid graffiti drama than anyone can handle. Gossip is an entity that should be eliminated.

Second of all, I’m getting too big (famous) to be on there. Its way too personal, and not in a good way. Its an outdated way of using the internet. Socializing on the internet is not a new thing, however people treat it like facebook IS the internet.

For some reason I feel I need to say; my “Villans” you know who you are, and WHY you are if you need me then you know where I am. Will is Bill I cant help that, we have known each other since we were children (at least Im pretty sure.) The issue is this; I have real life mates (friends) in the UK. I lived there till I was 12. People are going to start physically beating people up for talking shit. I know my mates they WILL stick up for me in real life.

Don’t ever drink the Kool Aid.

My advice is to follow my twitter – best newest information.

If you need me I will probably set up a chat fixture for everyone at some point Im sure.

Finish what I started, yo, I could have died last november, and done MORE than I ever dreamed anyone (let alone me) could do in a lifetime.

One Love


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