Graffiti Whispers

It’s come to my attention that Kristina Shipley is making interesting decisions with regards to her book “Graffiti Whispers.” Just so that EVERYONE knows she’s “deciding” to pick, and choose the artists she “leaves in” for whatever reason. Personally, I am aware that I have been “left out” or whatever. Have you? 

This is what it SHOULD have said along with proof that it was sent, and accepted – not that “we” don’t know.

I hear, possibly, “rules” (mental rumors or something) have been placed on what is, and is not going to be IN the book – to be honest, NOTHING denotes good art. Mine IS good art, but mine is also good writing. Scarily, I’m qualified to critique Art, and Writing (which is also an art – I’m an artist AT it.) I’ve got a degree with a basic minor in history/critique/theory of Art (visual more than anything.) (Let me know I’ll have someone “important” see my transcripts. If there’s a problem.) To denote not only whether something IS art, but also whether it is good, and worthwhile art.

If you are taking *AUTO*BIOGRAPHICAL – content from other people you are THEN publishing THEM – not you. Have fun Shipley.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.31.08 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.31.42 AM


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