If you’ve noticed I’ve decided Facebook is a waste of my time, and emotional energy. 

I’m really over that shit.

If you NEED me I’m available everyfucking where else on the internet – I’d probably recommend twitter it directs to everything – if all else fails go to my webpage – leelee.info

At this point I’m so involved in so many things my mind is way way too crowded to handle the ridiculous constant natter of Facebook. It’s trivial, and repulsive. The involvement is soon to come, or reach it’s reveal. I run at least three websites alone, and a fourth is probably soon to come (that’s a lot.)

If anyone talks to Verde Arrow, or Jason Collaborator PLEASE give them word to email me through the form on this page. I’m freaking out about my dark arts boys – same goes for ANYONE else who doesn’t have my personal information, and needs to get in touch with me.

I know, it’s crazy, but to be honest I’ve been on the internet long enough to understand that there is SO much more to the internet than just Facebook (contrary to popular belief.)

Keep watching – 

Keep bouncing 😉 

❤ LeeLee. 


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