The Matrix





Number one, is information a drug, number two who IS the spider, number three what IS a trap? Number four is THIS a bribe or do I want my friends back?

Number one… Who IS the spider, number two what IS a trap?

So like I said,

A. Shepherd think about what you are doing, this is hiphop.

B. NME and Azz you have each other, and give me my mates back. All of them, all she has tried to do is steal all of my mates from me baby russian? roulette uhuh?

Try adopting from the state – watch a child turn 16, and disappear who you love who is not biological while knowing Azz is trying to get preggo to trap NME – good luck.

C. Man of my Dreams was retired so

D. Banksy, I got a lot to say when you are ready (could take a while I know now, however yeah like you said people spend too much time in a box.)

As far as where I go, don’t know in all honesty.

If I love you. You know.

Will where is MY cage – I mean seriously?

P.s. Yeah I know Who is LeeLee, who is Banksy? Lets fuck with LeeLee – great idea.


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