SSOSVA TMZ (american fox TV tabloid.) This is ridiculous, Im all let me just see if the voodoo phone matches up with real life. Apparently, I still dont know Jay, however Azz is totally preggo? Its not that she wasnt all on the voodoo phone trying to trap him Jay. Is that good Mateo? Lol. However, if she tries to snog (or manipulate) Shepherd one more time Im gonna fucking kill her. KITTY!! Oh no its not like you dont know whose baby it is – anyway there is a huger prophecy oh ladies, and gents there is. Kitty?!!?

Jail phone?

This proves the Jail phone, or Voodoo phone, line whatever is totally real – so what does that mean …?

Does that mean Mr Obey and I are totally in love??? Does that mean NME is totally fucked, and should get out of town? Does that mean Azz will probably die? Is Azz in denial? Do I want my mates back? Do I want Will back or will we just row as usual?

Of course I want them back, of course we will row as usual.

Yes I love you will.

Oh no, the biggest truth! Did Banksy, and I have a Giant row during his Street Show?

This is hillarious.

Why is Azz playing russian roulette with NMEs baby? Is she?


And Dan, I played them as they laid, I still have loads to say (yeah I miss you. Long stories as usual.)


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