The Internet

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose i hate what the internet has become – even third parties (like twitter) are not even that sweetheart – it is still part of the >

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose giant web, if we can go to twitter dot com then its part of the initial spider created entity we were all so fond of. A web, is >

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose just that – the production of a spider – it feels like a brown recluse sometimes – there is no finite end, which leads to a >

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose sea of faces, worse than, a sea of anonymous individuals with bags of cheetos, still, however you know that has been chosen >

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose by many as the way TO go – so a sea of retards among the brilliant anons who have no clue, but every clue what they are doing?

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose possibly there are a million stupid people who need to STlLL leave it to the smart kids but have been sucked in anyway – by us.

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose thats whats so bad we sucked them in – to them life is determined by the internet – fame, wealth, endurance, looks. ❤

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose i miss hiding on the internet, while other people were my real life. However, now they dont need real life interaction.

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose to the point where I have become so public on the internet I have a face, and a non-identity. "My identity was stolen years ago."

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose what is so bad is it seems as though we fall into their reality – they believe internet presence is a necessity – we hear that

@fallenangel524: @kevinrose its a matter of how to deal with it accordingly I guess – however, its bullshit, and we know that – much love xx

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