Unfortunately, I feel the need to bring up the fact, sadly. I was paid for my visual art before my poetry – or anything else artistic. At least in this epoch of my journey. To be honest, I didn’t want to bring this up, however the much acclaimed highly sought after “rope show” WAS visual art. The theory, and theme came from my 2005 (but just published Graphic Novel) and the rope art came from, well, my head (natural instinct.) i was tied up once, and learned from mistakes I believed to be real (her thing was piercing, and mine ended up being rope.) Realistically, that is most definitely performance Art.

Sadly, I did the show twice, and refuse to again without the girl. To be honest, I have more of a connection with her than any girl, or model I have worked with. A story is a story.

I would totally check yourselves though, I perform graffiti – writing, and spraypaint. Yeah, Im in. To be honest, it’s a way better deal. A ton of people WANT to see my process, the process is part of of the art, I am part of the process, everything is a process.

I’m sure redundancy is just that? Isn’t it?


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