• Mindfuck

– While ill defined. For the good of the group not just the individual. It is necessary, here, to define MindFuck as a term used by many with todays societal, and psychological influence. Unfortunately, it seems the “Mindfuck” has found its basis within “reality,” not within it’s truer form “identity.” [1] The reason the truer form of “Mindfuck” is within identity, is truthfully not to enter the psychological mind giving a person the necessity to question “what is real?” Quite frankly it isn’t to think, “do I know what I am doing?” when the “thinker” knows what they are doing. Clearly, they are thinking. It is to have the receiver go through a series of thoughts, quite artistically, various philosophical problems which are placed before them. The identity of a certain table never changes, however, there can be various tables. The answers are philosophical, not definite. Unfortunately, even I have noticed quite the confusion lately with what a “Mindfuck” actually is. This is what is known to be true, and believe will be the best direction to veer in regarding such. “Is this Art, Poetry, etc.?”


Unfortunately, sadly, it seems the psychological manipulation type of mindfuck is more popular. To the extent of having to boost, and tranquilize this from Wiki. Sadly, I am watching this concept go up, and down from wiki itself. Unfortunately, that alone shows me, along with others the very urgency to keep it. That alone causes the reader to question what is real, and what is not. Is LeeLee’s concept real? To be honest, from a psychological standpoint this speaks volumes.

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