Women, values, cheating?

Fucking SLUTS!

This is the reality – thug life states:

“Respect women in the life who respect themselves -”

Realistically, if you dont respect yourself then shit, anything could happen – a respectable woman may, and probably will step in.

No sluts, bitches, whores thats the reality Ive sat here an entire year watching all you bitches straight be that – I have the upmost respect for Myself – i havent had physical sex with anyone since last march (2013.) Havent even played with anyone ! That includes cybersex whores. I usually have invisible boyfriends.

So now Im invisibly testing the waters, on some invisible phone line … Lol oh okay … Once again whats real, and what is not?

If you are on MY invisible phone line dont fuck with my men period. Get on your own, however since I opened the phone lines to the public with abandoned – do I need to write rules, or are we all going to just obey??

P.s. I say what NEEDS to be said, not like a million other random stupidities – all of us who know what the fuck is going on –

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