Really invisible Jay –

When barrow gurney was demolished I went into the memory of the building, and spoke to its art. Woke it up, gave eternal life, and promised it a memorial which Im working on.

However, this story is bigger than it will ever seem until I get permission to write the book 😉

A few weeks later chucky came to me (not mine Jays) and said (as there was an issue) “LeeLee may I send you money so you can take Plato to the vet.” What am I supposed to do argue?

I also got dive bombed by a blue jay this morning – is it a safer kind of love
For Jay I wonder?

Not that anyone can hear us on the jail phones or anything – “voodoo connection”

He must be off the shit – however who even needed to see him running around nude in my room astrally smoking crack with hannah –

P.s. Shipley dont fuck with my
Men especially my muses – my art history appreciation book comes out
Super soon.. And can i have my RSK mates back this is bullshit

I know Jay no one can really hear us – lol …


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