Terms of Endearment.

The issue is, as your highest court-Mistress, Sir, I am responsible for your needs. Politically, intellectually, emotionally I am responsible for making sure you are met. Of course, I come fully trained. If items are missing then we shall work these into play until we have a unilateral relationship even on a socio-economical level. My much needed public appearances will be beautiful, comical, and sexy beyond belief. My advice, if given, will only be if necessary. As you know, it is my Job to know any other women you take are “understanding” (yes, standing under Sir *cough*) of me (that does include your wife.) For instance, knowing you, I am available for you in many ways when your wife is not. Quite frankly, I may not be “nice.” The issue with this Sir, is that your wife currently does not approve of my belonging within your company even in secret. Therefore as your charge, I am responsible for protecting myself first, and for protecting you until you are once again happy. To be honest, as I am sure you know, I really have no desire to be around any of your other women. If I need women I have handpicked my own. Of course, there are certain restrictions to our relationship. These will be internally discussed, and terms are just that. – LeeLee


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