You are MY delusional.

Im all thinking, and shit. It seems people are STILL stuck in “you are MY material” (the story of crossing the line into insanity.) Been strange lately, people seem to be delusional about the fact I am delusional. Like my book or even the theme thereof has taken them on a ride they dont even want to get off of.

Interestingly, I exited the ride a long long time ago – and even though the recovery was lengthy I AM alright. It seems the more alright I become the more people want to convince me through the trade I virtually created “the mindfuck” I am not. The more honest I am, the more people want to convince me of my derangement. No, really, there are very few individuals who really understand how to mindfuck on any level I can. I have definitely mastered the mindfuck – the fucking end.

Its actually annoying when people try to mindfuck me on any level other than my own like “eeew, you go do that.”

Consent is just that – opening a book, or choosing to read my poetry IS consent. Without consent I wouldnt advise a mindfuck period on any end. However, people go there like fools. I think now that I have been providing proof I AM the shit for a while I will just be all like .. Wow “you are MY delusional.”

Welcome… I guess?? Are you serious??

Apparently …

Is that sexy???

While you are at it google me thats the shit you its all like type in “leelee fallenangel” and see what happens cuz flaw dont look good on you.

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