The Reality of The Situation.

Through therapy, help, and medication. With four mental health workers working around the clock to help me to find both my past, and my future by knowing life on a day to day basis. I have grown into the most amazing, and honest woman I could ever be. I would like to thank my Case Manager, Therapist, Psychiatrist, and Counsellor of seven years for working so diligently with me. For helping me shuffle through the rubble to find who I truly am, and what I am capable of.

There is so much to say (as usual.) However, these four people have been the same individuals for this entire time. They have helped me uncover piece by piece the past which I had blacked out for the most part. They assisted in enriching my life, and helped ME to figure out a simplistic, and realistic approach to living.

I am, of course, saddened by “friends” who I have even called family. Wondering when “their” LeeLee will return. This is an impossibility. Any older LeeLee can never again exist. After my education (the one I paid for and the education I managed to gift myself with.) LeeLee is something new, improved, and of course enlightened. The past “becomes” us all. We are who we were, and not who we will be. A table is a table. This TABLE is solid, and REAL. Once looking at the table one KNOWS this table is not a future table. It’s not a dream, it’s not a non or pre-existing future. It’s REAL.

I am happy to be myself, whoever that is, whatever it is.
“LeeLee” is just THAT the ever abounding, quantifying, DNA of a beautiful, and REAL woman.

No matter how many LeeLee’s I find on my search through my history. No matter how many LeeLee’s I discover, no matter how many LeeLee’s there will be. My core beliefs are always the same.

The heart, soul, and nature of “LeeLee” is just that. *I*


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