Nation of Poetry

The incredibly sad thing that I feel I really should say at this point. Is that *I* believe I was the first person to put Nation of Poetry in a book, and publish it.

Unfortunately, I could retroactively go back to 2005 with it. However, I would never do that to something so sanctimonious. No one has ever really asked me about it, or it’s destiny, however. The level of trust is NOT there among the original members to the point of depression. I have, as many people know, but I’ll make the official statement. “Taken it out of the whole equation for a reason.” At first there was anger behind it, but unfortunately there are so many ill reasons it does not come into play it’s not even funny. It IS as I’ve said an artistic collaborative, I/WE never intend to make money off it for personal gain. I have realized now that straight up extortion is completely possible. I have not ever taken it there though. I get incredibly hurt by the ways the “Name” is used. However, I would go to great lengths to protect Nation of Poetry. I love it, as it should be loved. One more thing, is that I do believe that John Nash’s nobel peace prize winning idea is ALWAYS relevant. I will do what’s best for the group, not for the individual. If everyone ends up with a brunette, and the blonde goes home alone. She will.

I know, unfortunately, sadly, I feel as though I need to say this too at this point. It can go back to flyers from shows back in the day, too. However, I was a part of all of the original official NOP shows etc. I even did THE drugs, and went along for the ride in “The Memoirs.”

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