Mothers Day.

I wake up, and it’s STILL mothers day. How come I don’t know where my kids are at?

I think I’m fucking done at this time. lol. Too funny.

I’m so tired…

…however, I digress.

One child… …well, the father told ME to get in the shower, and punch myself in the stomach. So, needless to say, I didn’t have it, nah, not by choice. The child was most likely born dead EVEN if I had given it up for adoption.

The other, I COULDNT adopt, as they wouldn’t let me NEAR him unless *I* TOOK their money. I haven’t even gotten STARTED on the adoption system in america, however, imagine something WORSE than the SPCA website, but with KIDS on it. Then EXPAND.

Of course, the ill minded will think? “There’s probably a reason.” I’m thinking, WHY DID MY KID SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR FROM THE SYSTEM??? (The child I wanted to adopt you FREAKS???)

Look it up, JDC until they turn 18, pretty much.

You wanted to go there though, did you? You wanted to go there though, did you?

Oh, can I have children? Of course I can, but I WONT??? WHY???

My parents?

Haven’t heard from them all day, I don’t even know if my mothers home from England. At this point, I’m SCARED to phone them. all they wanted me to do all my life was CLEAN TOILETS ANYWAY…

Happy Mothers Day.

wow, I gotta check out that new Eminem video. Headlights, I think… (the STATE adoption website.)

… I have this instinctual feeling, that a. everyone’s wondering why I’m so PISSED all the time, b. why they don’t even know what I’m “doing anymore,” c. they don’t care if I live or die, or d. they never want to see or hear from me AGAIN??

Of course, I love my mom. That’s the problem.


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