Filth (Just The Beginning.) (RATED MA.)

The whores keep talking after they KNOW they should shut up. Is it that they are such raging sluts that they KNOW they will probably be treated badly if they DONT shut up (and they like that?)

(I HATE asking questions in my writing.)

In fact, why would anyone associate with such despicable people? Or are they just as despicable? The level of slut they have married themselves with is as filthy as puking directly in a glove box after doing a few lines of coke, and drinking nyquil.

I’m tired, incredibly so, the useless ability to use satanism as a desire (not a reality) is just plain shit on the bottom of someone’s shoe. Or is it nothing of the sort? No one? They actually COULD be “someone” if they decided to pick themselves up, and stop being so indecent.

Perhaps, showing themselves to their daughters would help.

At one point, I’m pretty sure you wanted someone to fuck her the way her father would.

I’m done, I’ve tried, I haven’t failed though.

Stop trying to pretend they’re something, hooligans, and bullies in their thirties.

Absolutely atrocious.

The universe would never profess to create a “gang” of people who were so trite. MY people kill for a living. Of course, you’ll never believe until you’re face down in a ditch in Uruguay.

The degree is astounding, both their degree of disgrace for their own people, and the fact that they would actually astute to mind-fuck-decent (or at least semi-decent) individuals with their psychological intonement.

Yes, I am hurt. I draw the line at incredible artists. I am not old enough as a visual artist to even really count.

However, there are more levels to the ever abounding LeeLee, you jest. I’m sure.

“Insane genius.” Go right ahead, and think that fucking with that individual is a damned good idea.

I’ve said before I expect certain things out of those I love:

These are now expectations, as they enfold into basic moral values;






and Trust.

Not at any point, can a reality exist where there is a capacity of these things, let alone take them on.

*I* offer these things, to get trampled on I’m sure, to get treated like crap, of course. To come through in the end victorious

– always putrid pigs. –

“We always knew you were filthy though, didn’t we…?”

It’s so fucking funny how people have a magnanimous change of heart when I buy their art. Like this incomprehensible has been inserted into them turning them into instant disgust.

Of course, I’m a Mistress of the Matrix, doing homework (or at least getting damaged cohorts to do their homework on their peers) would probably help.

<to be continued…>

 Part 2 – Filth – Approval 

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