Blackmail – you have GOT to be kidding me???

Just a fucking p.s. If I’m going to blackmail you – I’d totally do it bold, and OUT LOUD. I’m the kind of guy that does that. I’m not going to veil anything, no one was blackmailing you. Also, I’m really not passive aggressive EITHER I’m pretty upfront.

I was offering protection cuz I care. Your business is no one else’s, unless you make it that way. Also, you go ahead and block your best advocate (or perhaps your only one.)

I said I didn’t want to row, so I went quiet so I couldn’t say anything to upset you, and you hit the almighty block button anyway. (At this point CUZ I’m not saying anything.)

*SIGH* Someone give this dude a heads up?

Or don’t guys, it’s not like I don’t know how you all feel even though I never fucking talk to you.


wow, look, Never as Good time AGAIN??

redundancy never looked so retarded.

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